Application of titanium dioxide
Upload the update:2018-10-15 17:46:50

The main application areas of titanium dioxide: coatings, plastics, ink, paper, wherein the coating 60%, 20% plastic, paper accounted for 14%, other (including cosmetics, chemical, electronics, ceramics, enamel, welding rod, alloy, glass, etc. areas) accounted for 6%. 

Titanium dioxide in the rubber industry, both as a coloring agent, but also has reinforced, anti-aging, filling effect. Join in white and colored rubber products titanium dioxide, in the sunlight, sun-resistant, no crack, no discoloration, large elongation and acid. Rubber with titanium dioxide, is mainly used for automobile tires and rubber shoes, rubber flooring, gloves, sports equipment, etc., generally the main anatase. However, for the production of automobile tires, often adding a certain amount of rutile products to enhance the anti-ozone and UV resistance. 

Titanium dioxide in cosmetics applications are becoming increasingly widespread. Due to non-toxic titanium dioxide, than the lead white is superior, almost all kinds of powder are used in place of titanium dioxide, white lead and zinc white. Powder in only 5% -8% of titanium dioxide can be obtained permanent white, make spice more creamy with adhesion, absorption and opacity. In gouache and cream in a transparent titanium dioxide can be reduced and the feeling greasy. In other spices, sunscreen, soap flakes, white soap and toothpaste,titanium dioxide is also available.