Titanium dioxide can clean air city road
Upload the update:2018-10-15 17:56:46

Global demand for titanium dioxide continued rapid growth in recent years, with the global tio2 market segmentation, market demand also increase greatly.The commercialization of titanium dioxide production began in the 1920 s, in 2007, the global production of titanium dioxide about 5.5 million tons.Titanium dioxide, as catalyst of optical coating pigment, not only is a kind of environmental safety cleaner, but also can save energy and protect the environment and resources. 

Early Japanese and British scientists will titanium dioxide coated in urban road pavement surface, air is used to clean the road.Titanium dioxide can be blended with asphalt, reduce the pollutant in the air.When a car, or asphalt concrete containing titanium dioxide can purify air, eliminate vehicle emissions of nitrogen oxides by 25% to 45%.Titania coating on concrete surface, its effect is also significant clean air.Most industry experts said the cleaning urban air, the construction of ecological city, the titanium dioxide will have. 

Photochemical properties of semiconductor tio2 has make its can be used in many fields, such as purification of air, water and fluid.With carbon or other heteroatom doping photocatalyst can also be used to seal with scattering light space or area.Used for buildings, pedestrian slabs, concrete paint on the wall or roof tile, they can obviously increase the air pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, decomposition of aromatic hydrocarbons, and aldehydes.Combined with super hydrophilicity on the surface of the titanium dioxide (can make water droplets spread out into a very thin film), in the future also may provide more other people interested in application fields.Correct coating of metope and ground tile, plastic products, glass or fabric surface will be more easy to clean, can even do the cleaning.